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Sonarray SR1 Outdoor Entertainment System with Amp

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Sonance Sonarray SR1 Outdoor Entertainment System (92983):

  • (8) 3.5" satellite speakers to evenly distribute in an array across the perimeter of the yard
  • (1) 8" dual voice coil in-ground subwoofer with a canopy that is hidden under foliage
  • Incredible sonic performance and even volume (sensitivity) throughout the space
  • Eliminate dead zones and hot spots
  • Reduces any disturbance to your neighbors – all while remaining out of sight
  • 8 Ohm system
  • Impedance matched for easy configuration
  • Works with a standard AV receiver

SR2-125 DSP Amp (93135):

  • The SR 2-125 is pre loaded with 20 DSP presets expertly designed to bring the Sonarray SR1 landscape audio system to life
  • Analog, coax and Toslink line inputs and loop outputs. The analog loop outputs are non buffered. The maximum number of amplifiers that can be looped together will depend on the output capability of your source component. The digital outputs are buffered and can support multiple amplifiers. Only one output can be used at a time.
  • Full array of input/output connectivity for maximum installation flexibility: line inputs, loop outputs, audio and voltage triggers, (2) Buss input/output, independent volume control per channel
  • Powerful, audiophile grade Class-D power supply. Rated at 8 Ohm, 4 Ohm and stable into 2 Ohm
  • Compact form factor allows for space savings in the equipment rack with ample power to the speakers
  • Convection cooled, fan-less design allows for direct stacking with no air gap for even greater power density
  • Class-D design is 93% efficient for maximum power output with minimal power usage
  • Terminal blocks will accept up to 12AWG speaker cable for longer runs and higher performance
  • Certified to worldwide safety standards (TUV, RCM, CE). Meets FCC standards
  • Rack ears and feet included